ADMIII 44P/270D 16GB Normal Temperature, SLC

Standard 44-pin IDE female connector Housing solution Built-in HW ECC, Quick Erase and SMART Functions Advanced Wear-leveling and Block Management Power Failure Recovery Secured Protection Zone (Optional) Dimensions: 45(L)x32.6(W)x7.3(H)mm

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Apacer ATA Disk Module (ADM) complies with 44 / 40 PIN IDE (ATA) standard interface in horizontal type or in vertical type. With high capacity of flash memory supporting, and is suitable for data storage media and code storage device for embedded system, mobile computing devices or other electronic equipments.

100% Compatible with the Standard IDE ATA interface, Apacer ATA Disk Module (ADM) works exactly like a standard hard drive but without any moving part, strongly increasing reliability and improving data access speed performance, without any noise.